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Amanda Easton

A rising singer-songwriter from Leichardt, Amanda Easton, is soon to launch her new album, Wallflower.

The album was written in isolation during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic from Amanda’s home studio, as she used the time to cultivate her music and virtually work with both local and international producers.

Amanda describes the album as “theatrical, emotional, electronic pop,” using the months of live performing lost to write and produce her newest masterpiece.

The singer’s new music is a reflection of the times, boasting an inward and nostalgic point of view.

“Isolation at home meant more time to ponder the big stuff and many of these songs were born out of thinking about my childhood and how the traumas and good times in your life shape you.

“I was a shy wallflower as a young teenager but becoming a professional performer has definitely brought me out of my shell.

“Even though this year has been a very unsettling year for all of us, with the arts particularly hard hit in terms of work, I feel like community spirit has been stronger than ever.

“I’m turning to that for support in this project and have received a great reaction so far, with 25% of the campaign funded in the first few days,” Amanda revealed.

Amanda Easton is an accomplished artist, having toured Australia, Europe, and Asia and having received Top 10 positions in the Australian Independent (AIR) music charts, as well as performing with prominent artists such as Powderfinger, Marcia Hines, and James Reyne.

She has also produced and hosted a live music television series named PopTarts, which aimed to promote and appreciate female singer-songwriters.

To support the success of the album, Amanda has launched a Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign, with pre orders of the album amongst other exciting and exclusive offers. The campaign will run until December 18.

Further information for Amanda’s campaign can be found at

By Rida Babar

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