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A Call To Spy

It’s 1941 and the Nazis are ready to cross the English Channel. There is concern as the spies Britain has sent to France are amateurs, one astoundingly being caught carrying British cigarettes.

Churchill creates the Secret Army Of Spies (SOE) to recruit and train women as spies. Two women who want to stop Hitler with a passion have been chosen to join the agency – one with a wooden leg which is considered inconspicuous. However, mistakes are being made back in Britain. “Our best is costing people their lives,” remarks a colonel.”

Inspired by true stories, this historical drama depicts the bravery and leadership of these women who knowingly only had a 50% chance of returning home to their families. Sarah Megan Thomas produced, wrote, and stars in this film playing the pivotal role of legendary spy Virginia Hall who helped change the course of history.

This average cinematic offering feels like a telemovie and opens in cinemas on Boxing Day, the biggest day of the year under normal circumstances. Major studios are withholding their biggest blockbusters for when COVID-19 subsides so B-grade films such as this are being released in their place. (MMo)


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