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Samantha Jade

Over the course of 2020 we have all dealt with challenges and perhaps learned a little about ourselves. For ARIA award winning singer and X Factor winner Samantha Jade she learned just how crucial her friendships were to her emotional and mental wellbeing.

This year Jade has released two singles, Back 2 Back and New Boy, the first of which conveys her experience with 2020 and social isolation with the latter then being a more upbeat track to simply help us move past this year. Speaking to City Hub Jade spoke about her challenges throughout this unforgettable year.

“I really really missed my friends, the community and the people that I’m so lucky to be around and working with all of the time. Obviously during COVID none of us could see each other, which was so so hard… The hardest thing for me was not working. That is what we do as performers, it’s in our blood. It’s not just our job it’s our love. So I found it really really hard to not be on a plane or a stage every week.”

With these struggles Jade told us that during the year she learned that “friendships are more important than you even knew because you truely can’t live without your friends.” As she came to this realisation Jade quickly pushed to pivot and alter the release schedule of her two singles because she wanted to convey that learned experience with her fans.

New Boy was actually going to come out first but I pushed for Back 2 Back because I wanted to put out something that wasn’t just a fun dance song but actually something I had learned through COVID.”

Thankfully the move worked with fans connecting with the song exactly as Jade had envisioned. Subsequently the schedule change also meant that New Boy would release at “the perfect time” with much of Australia beginning to return to some normality post-COVID lockdown.

Whilst the country is beginning to return to normal Jade explained that there is still one small hurdle in the way of her hitting the road to tour these new singles.

“I’m from Perth, a very proud WA girl, and the borders are very firmly closed,” Jade said. “So I definitely want to make sure that if I do a tour Perth is on the map. Which means that I have to wait until they’ve gone back to a bit more normality before I commit to doing a tour.”

Until such time as a tour become feasible Jade hinted at some exciting news coming next year, “2021 will be album, I’m hoping for a tour and few exciting things to come, without saying too much.” So stay tuned!

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