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REVIEW: Iphigenia In Splott

Photo: Clare Hawley

Iphigenia In Splott set a dark tone from the get-go, confronting the audience with the main character launching directly into a sarcastic monologue.

The whole way through, Meg Clarke keeps audiences at the edge of their seats wondering whether they should laugh or cry. The minimalistic background and darkly lit stage provides a keen insight into the life of Clarke’s character.

The portrayal of Clarke’s character as an average, everyday woman relays a sense of relatability with ideas that the audience likely can relate to in some way. This, combined with the way Clarke dives into the role shows amazing skill on her part.

The performance is incredibly fast paced, meaning that if the viewer looks away for even a minute, they’d find themselves lost. The passionate allegories in the performance reflect a mid-life slump and a desire to change things, which again relays a sense of relatability for viewers.

Overall, Iphigenia In Splott speaks directly to audiences in a way that makes them feel a part of the play. It is a highly rated performance that is not to be missed.

Until Nov 21. Flight Path Theatre, 142 Addison Rd, Marrickville. $20-$30+b.f. Tickets & Info:

Reviewed by Rida Babar

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