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Happiest Season

Not your conventional Christmas cinematic offering, but there are endless laugh out loud moments in this romantic comedy surprise hit of the year!

“Come with me to my parent’s house for Christmas. What’s five days? How bad can it be?” Harper (Mackenzie Davis) suggests to her lesbian lover Abby (Kristen Stewart).

Well for starters Abby has to contend with Harper’s family of nutty stereotyped eccentrics, her ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend, and worse still Harper has not come out to her family! Will their relationship be pushed to the limit since Harper is too afraid to show her family who she really is?

Kristen Stewart, who found success in the Twilight franchise, has steered away from the small and arty film roles of recent years to star in this gay-themed comedy that hysterically examines family values, the consequences of the choices that we make, and ultimately the importance of being true to one’s self.

A clumsy and cheesy fight sequence as Stewart’s character looks on in the final act felt awkward, misplaced, and underwhelmed momentarily, pushing silliness to breaking point. However, the sugar-sweet conclusion audiences were anticipating fulfilled all expectations. (MMo)


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