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This horror/comedy ‘body swap’ film can best be described as a cross between horror flick Scream and Disney’s Freaky Friday and feels like ‘a movie within a movie’.

The film commences as a run of the mill slasher flick where four teenagers are brutally murdered by a masked assailant. There’s no humour initially, just a full-on blood fest which will leave audiences questioning how comedy can possibly be instilled in this morbid and horrific Friday The 13th style flick.

The dark mood of the film alternates to comedy soon after when the slasher and his intended female victim have a body swap from some ludicrous storyline concerning a mystical dagger. As the graphic murders continue the race is on as there are only 24 hours to revert the consciousnesses, else the change remains permanent.

Freaky is quite a unique slasher film. The body swap aspect to the story provides some comedic relief from the incredible overload of violence, blood, and gore which vastly overshadows the comedy.

Vince Vaughn frightens as the slasher also providing laughter when the young blonde teenager’s persona filters through.

There are references to many cult horror favourites including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Shining, Scream, and the Friday The 13th franchises.

Not for squeamish audiences and beware! Just when you thought it was all over… (MMo)


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