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Judging by Mel Gibson’s recent cinematic offerings he has unquestionably lost his mojo in selecting quality scripts that transpire into quality viewing for movie-goers.

Latest on his doomed bandwagon destined for box office failure and universal ridicule is this alleged drama which centers on an obnoxiously evil rich kid who, unhappy with the lump of coal he received in his stocking, hires a hitman to kill Santa Clause (aka Fatman) and deliver his head!

Hideously ludicrous this film may fail to find an audience as it’s too violent for children and the Christmas themes may also alienate mature audiences.

A question that comes to mind is, why should a filthy rich kid be furious when he doesn’t receive a present from Santa?

This film may have been borderline entertaining had it been a comedy, but laughably it’s a drama.

The only redeeming quality of this fractured Christmas tale is its originality. Astonishingly Santa’s elves are featured and the reindeers are also mentioned.

There will be laughter in cinemas but for all the wrong reasons as Fatman is cringeworthy at best and a justifiable entry into the Hall of Shame.

Sorry folks – there’s no Christmas cheer here!! (MMo)

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