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Casula Powerhouse Summer Season

Art by Gil Farla

On November 18 the Casula Powerhouse will re-emerge from a short hibernation for an explosive summer series of shows, workshops and prizes.

Entering the main Turbine Hall visitors step across the Koori Floor, a public artwork by Judy Watson that has just undergone an extensive refurbishment.

Gil Farla was a major emerging local artist and her passion will be commemorated with a post-humous solo show My Secret Urban Sanctuary inspired by her garden, its surrounds and many creatures.

Local artists will also be represented in the 29th Annual Mil-Pra AECG Exhibition with works across all mediums.

The 23rd Annual Liverpool Art Society Exhibition and art prize celebrates the significance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait artists living in NSW and the ACT.

Creative Spark is a six week public program held across various locations for people living with disabilities and this year will focus on design and the making of costumes that will also be documented.

A series of  after school workshops for kids will run from October 19 to December 7 and adults will be able to learn about artistspractices and street art.

Casual Powerhouse. 1 Powerhouse Rd, Casula. Info:

By John Moyle

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