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Caitlyn Shadbolt – Stages

In the face of adversity rising star Caitlyn Shadbolt is continuing to chase her dreams with her second album, Stages.

Throughout the 11 track offering Shadbolt delivers incredibly catch songs which build upon her country music roots. For this record Shadbolt injects a pop edge to her sound, which echoes Taylor Swift – another young songstress who has evolved from country roots into a pop powerhouse.

Standout tracks on the record include opener Edge Of The Earth, Two Lost Lovers, Oxygen, Bones, and the closing title track Stages. Edge Of The Earth and Two Lost Lovers fall steadfastly within the country genre but as the album progresses with Oxygen, Bones, and Stages Shadbolt grows into a true pop starlet.

This record is sure to see Shadbolt become an Australian favourite thanks to her catchy melodies and striking vocals.

★★★ ½

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