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The Goddess Of Fortune

A long-lasting gay relationship is challenged in this cleverly woven Italian drama as sexual indiscretions arise, further fuelled when the couple takes on the huge responsibility of looking after their friend’s two children.

Is it conceivable that reconciliations under such pressures are at all possible in today’s hectic and problematic world as attitudes and moral values alter with time?

This film examines relationships and whether love can conquer all as life throws hurdles in the path of eternal bliss. The responsibilities within friendships and the “perfect coupling” of people who imagine that love and passion will never fade are also explored in this topical and relatable film.

Italian A-list actors Stefano Accorsi and Edoardo Leo portray the pivotal roles of gay couple Arturo and Alessandro, supported by Jasmine Trinca as Annamaria, the mother who holds a secret. Is Annamaria just a friend? Who really is the father of her son?

Destined to be one of the favourites at this year’s Italian Film Festival this is a thought-provoking, poignant and life-affirming film about betrayl, the importance of friendship and reconciliation. (MMo)

★★★ ½

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