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The Climb

A long and somewhat toxic friendship between two men is put under the microscope in this bizarre low budget indie comedy which leaves audiences asking, can precious friendships survive regardless of what moralistic borderlines have been crossed?

Mike (Michael Angelo Covino) and Kyle (Kyle Marvin) can best be described as the quintessential ‘odd couple’ and have been friends forever. When Kyle announces he’s about to wed, Mike announces that he’s slept with his fiancé. Mike marries Kyle’s fiancé instead. Can the friendship be rebuilt? Yes!

Kyle marries a few years later and Mike beds his wife. Can the friendship be rebuilt once again? Of course!

This bold comedy which makes a statement on buddy friendships is like no other comedy produced in recent years. Engaging and laugh-out funny at times, irrelevant musical interludes are also incorporated with French music strangely inserted at every low point of the story.

Inventive camerawork under the direction of Michael Angelo Covino (who also co-wrote the screenplay with Kyle Marvin) compounds to the uniqueness of this film which should do good business in art house cinemas. (MMo)


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