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Satirical feature film Spree highlights the extremes a young man goes to for popularity on social media and ultimately does for Uber passengers what Jaws did for seaside holidayers.

Kurt drives around picking up fares and has several cameras in his car which stream live all occurrences to his small viewership. He has spent 10 years posting content in obscurity – until now. He states, “My name is Kurt. For those out there who don’t know me, you soon will.”

His obsession to be ‘king of the streaming world’ heightens leading to his transformation into a homicidal maniac, drugging, and murdering his passengers. His followers ask, “how did you make it look so real?”

What starts off as a seemingly mock-documentary/ found footage style film quickly progresses into a humorously sinister and twisted tale comprising blood and gore sequences, and audiences will predictably laugh out loud in all the wrong places.

Spree is amusing and harmless entertainment that makes a statement on the competitive world of social media, but one has to wonder whether one day, it may edge on reality. (MMo)

★★★ ½

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