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Rock Against Racism

Kicking off in 2018 Rock Against Racism Australia is modelled on the movement that swept the UK in the late 70s as a reaction to the rise of far-right organisations at the time.

Bands came together under the banner of Rock Against Racism (RAR) to speak out against racism by playing to thousands.

We are now seeing similar issues involving racism both here and abroad, hence the launch of Rock Against Racism Australia.

This Saturday Rock Against Racism Australia, in conjunction with Sydney Underground Streaming Sessions (SUSS), will be holding a unique live streaming event presenting a host of talented musicians performing in support of the Indigenous Social Justice Association and the Refugee Action Coalition.

Kicking off at 7pm the night will feature a host of highly talented musicians, including Dobby, Charlie McMahon, Los Monaros, the OzSkas, Cosmogenic, Gondwana and Dingo Gringo plus special guest speakers.

Oct 24. Online streaming. $10. Tickets & Info: