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Richard III

Charles Mayer

Of all Shakespeare’s villains, Richard III would have to be the most calculating, the most villainous, and yet the most beguiling, beating the infamous Iago hands down.

This is why Jamie Collette, director/actor for the online theatre company Streamed Shakespeare, chose to present him to online viewers.

Jamie said, “Richard of Gloucester is a nasty, horrible villain, but one the audience loves to root for as he schemes and murders his way into power, destroying everything and everyone around him as he goes.”

Streamed Shakespeare was formed during the COVID lockdown in Sydney, and as its audience and technical capabilities grew, the company decided to move to fully rehearsed live shows, performed multiple times like a standard independent theatre company.

Jamie chose Shakespeare becauseThe bard tells quintessential tales about relatable topics: Revenge, Ambition, Romance, and does so with both beautiful poetry, convincing characters and clear concise storytelling. He’s a writer who hides nothing from the audience, and we perform in a medium where everything is right there in front of your eyes at all times, so it fits surprisingly well.

Charles Mayer who plays Richard III and Jess Loudon who plays Queen Elizabeth were part of Pop-up Globe’s Richard III in 2018.

Oct 16-18. Streaming online. $5-$10+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Irina Dunn

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