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REVIEW: Avocado Smash

Photo: Jimmy Nice.

Avocado Smash, a dynamic musical trio, performed an exciting children’s show at Riverside Theatres Parramatta as part of their annual Spot On Children’s Festival.

There was also a digital show that streamed live as part of Riverside Theatres Digital program.

The show proved to be the ideal school holidays event, putting a smile on every child in the audience’s face and engaging both children and adults with every single tune.

My younger sister, who viewed the show with me, couldn’t stop talking about it for days after, which gives a pretty good indication as to the quality of Avocado Smash’s performance.

The show was full of intelligent and diverse ideas delivered through fun and exciting music, with my sister’s personal favourite song being the Chilli Song.

Avocado Smash, as well as Riverside Theatres, deserves to be commended for organising and putting on a great show as the perfect way to kick off spring.

By Rida Babar

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