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Never Too Late

Australian filmmakers have always had a problem producing successful comedies, more often than not being cheesy, poorly written with contrived performances and cringe-worthy gags that leave audiences wondering how the film ever made it past the scripting stage.

Finally, a comedy Australia can be proud of. Never Too Late is refreshing, funny, boasts a stellar cast and the comedy flows naturally throughout.

The success of this film lies in its simplistic and alluring storyline. Four elderly Vietnam veterans plan to escape the retirement home they are residing in, as each has a dream to fulfil.

Jacki Weaver delivers her usual ‘A’ grade performance as a lady suffering from dementia who reconnects with her former lover in the nursing home. Jack Thompson makes one of his rare screen appearances heading an ensemble cast that includes James Cromwell, Dennis Waterman, Roy Billing, and Shane Jacobson.

This is a genuinely funny feel-good film, poignant at times which underneath the comedy resonates the effects of aging on people’s dreams and aspirations.

Making dreams can become a reality – it’s never too late for happy endings. (MMo)

★★★ ½

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