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Money And Friends

David Williamson. Photo: Robert Catto

It is said, “you can ask a friend for anything… except money.”

The Ensemble Theatre is presenting Money And Friends by David Williamson as a play reading directed by Mark Kilmurry.

Imagine a lovely relaxing beach holiday with friends. Sunset cocktails by the ocean or by the pool in your charming holiday resort, away from the grime, the noise, and the relentless pace of life in the city. What could possibly go wrong? Plenty it would seem. Keeping up appearances can be expensive and people’s circumstances change. The fear of letting others, even your besties, know of your vulnerabilities, financial or otherwise can be daunting, and can put great strain on relationships. David Williamson’s play Money And Friends explores the perplexing issues which occur when one friend is overgenerous and the other is not. How far can generosity go and how many times can a friend bail you out? What happens when the tables turn and the friend with money is suddenly broke and turns to you for help?

This will be a moved reading of the play with lighting and music evoking the setting and with stage directions  read out to the audience to help them visualise a performance in their mind’s eye. There may be no set or blocking but, “there will be a little razzamataz,” said Director, Mark Kilmurry. Though the title of this play is decidedly apt it was written way back in the 90s and is actually a comedy.

“David Williamson is a master with words and timing. Friendship and money are a lethal combination.”  Kilmurry explained. “The shock is that we really haven’t changed at all. What is really important is that people need to have fun and forget where they are. It is wonderful to be bringing actors and audiences back together.

Oct 22-24. Ensemble Theatre, 78 McDougall St, Kirribilli. $50+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Renee Lou  Dallow

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