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Hands Like Houses – Hands Like Houses EP

Canberra’s Hands Like Houses are back with a brand new self-titled EP consisting of five very compelling new tracks.

With over 10 years together touring the world the five piece band have a plethora of experiences, emotions and inspirations to draw a upon for this EP. 

Obviously with the success the group has already seen they could be forgiven for settling into a grave and delivering more music in a style that has a proven track record. However, that is not their style.

Rather than following a tried and true template Hands Like Houses have instead injected new energy and a bigger sound to the music. This EP sees the group showcasing a big, bold, heavy stadium rock sound that still has undertones of their alt-rock past.

The Hands Like Houses EP is sure to see the band become one of the biggest names in Australian music in the closing months of 2020.


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