Bondi View

Bondi beach is “at capacity”

Crowds on Bondi Beach today. Photo: Waverley Council


With a public holiday and sunny 30 degree weather, today is the perfect day for a trip to the beach. But at around 1:30pm, the Waverley council issued a warning that Bondi beach was nearing capacity and asked people not to go to the beach.

They said that if people continue to come to Bondi Beach and crowds grow further, access to the sand would be restricted and implemented within the next hour (between 2 and 3pm).

“If you haven’t left for the beach yet, please rethink your trip and check on capacity later in the day,” a spokesperson from Waverley council said.

“We do not like having to restrict access to the beach, so as a reminder to everyone if beach access is closed or the sand looks busy, please come back another time or use that time to visit our wonderful cafes and other local businesses.” 

They have also reminded beachgoers that public health orders limit gatherings to 20 people and to maintain social distancing by sitting 1.5m (or one towel length) apart unless they are from the same household.

Today is the tenth consecutive day without any recorded cases of community transmission in NSW. But with thousands of people also heading down to Sydney’s beaches over the weekend, Health Minister Brad Hazzard has warned against being complacent.

“I think we’re feeling very confident here in NSW,” Mr Hazzard told Channel 9’s Today Show.

“What does concern me is complacency.”

Waverley Mayor Paula Masselos said it is good to see people out and about enjoying the weather, but reminds people to listen to the rangers and beach ambassadors who are monitoring numbers of people and social distancing on the sand.

“Following another beautiful day, it’s great to see people enjoying our spaces in a COVID-safe way,” Waverley mayor Paula Masselos said. 

“Our new beach ambassadors have received great feedback and are doing a fabulous job of reminding beachgoers to stay one towel-length apart.”

The council will be monitoring beach crowding and capacity throughout the afternoon and those hoping to make the most of the summer weather can get updates on the Waverley Council’s Facebook page or on Twitter @WaverleyCouncil.