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Baby Done

From New Zealand comes this relatable comedy about relationships and the severe adjustment issues brought about by impending pregnancy.

Zoe (Rose Matafeo) is expecting but doesn’t initially tell her partner Tim (Matthew Lewis). She feels she hasn’t lived to potential and has the desperate urge to be wild and reckless. Her partner ultimately exclaims, “One of us must get ready!” revealing that she’s in denial and not acting as a pregnant woman should.

There’s so much to do before the baby arrives and only two months to complete the list. “I can do anything pregnant – what is the wildest thing you can think of?” she asks. The partying commences and activities that are not permissible for pregnant women including tree climbing competitions.

A conflict develops within the relationship. Does Zoe hate being pregnant? Can she accept the change in life and join the train to parenthood?

Baby Done is a pleasant film, mildly funny and boasting a zany cast of characters, but slightly underwhelming in the second half as silly storylines serving as time-fillers develop concerning threesomes and sexual deviates.

More enjoyable than the overrated The Breaker Upperers, this is a topical film that should appeal to couples who are seriously contemplating starting a family. (MMo)


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