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While There’s Space Between Us

It is no secret that Sydney’s creative arts sector has been hit hard by COVID-19 and the subsequent restrictions on public gatherings. So it really should come as no surprise that a new photography exhibition has taken inspiration from this current moment in world history.

While There’s Space Between Us is a photographic series by Sydney artist, Jasmin Simmons, which showcases the portraits and interviews of 100 individuals working in the creative arts as they come to terms with the challenges of COVID-19 lockdown on their industry and livelihood. The portraits act as a microcosmic illustration of the profound effect COVID-19 has had on Sydney, and aims to put a face, and give voice, to some of the many individuals that make up the Arts industry.

“Working in and being surrounded by people in the creative industry,” says Jasmin Simmons, “I experienced first-hand what this abrupt ambiguity had on our emotional and cognitive health. Dealing with isolation, the loss of purpose and the uncertainty of the future is terrifying.

“I hope that these moments provide you with a sense of company, and that through my lens you come to find peace in the realisation that while there is space between us now, it is just an intermission.”

Oct 3-12. Gaffs Gallery, 281 Clarence St, Sydney. FREE. Info:

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