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Theresa Hunt And Kerryn Levy – Landskein

While we’re all currently occupied with dealing with the COVID-19 threat and lockdown it’s easy to forget that this year began with one of the most devastating bushfires seasons on record. An upcoming exhibition of paintings and ceramic pieces at Curatorial+Co will look to remind us of the bushfire season and attempt to find the beauty in such a devastating event.

Sydney painter Theresa Hunt has teamed up with Adelaide-based ceramicist Keryn Levy to create a love letter to the landscape devastated by the summer bushfires.

When speaking about the bushfires and how they inspired her work Hunt said;

“When I stand in the landscape or by the ocean, looking out into its enormity, its beauty engulfs me. I can’t drag myself away. This connection is so all-encompassing that it physically feels as if it’s wrapped around me, and I could stay there forever.

“When the bushfires came I took refuge near the waves, and at the same time was drawn back into the bush – part of me was devastated along with the landscape, and I had to be out in it, looking over it, feeling it. Seeing the incredible Blue Mountains, with their layers of rock and smoke and char and eucalyptus, that continued to the hazy horizon, I knew I had to paint it. It was so very sad, so unbelievable. Now the cycle of regeneration and hope has sprung up, but it’s still so raw.”

Sep 16-26. Curatorial+Co., Studio 1, 175 Cleveland St, Redfern. FREE. Info:

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