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The Secrets We Keep

What’s the likelihood that a Nazi who committed war crimes against a woman in another country 15 years earlier ends up living just two blocks away from her?

That’s the chilling synopsis of this thriller, the intrigue accelerated when her obsession leads to her stalking then abducting the accused with the intention of killing him.

Swedish actress Noomi Rapace gives an unsettling performance as the Romanian woman who married, relocated to America, and lived daily with the mental anguish of what happened to her all those years earlier.

Audiences will feel compassion towards this woman as her actions cause disharmony within her marriage, but the compassion may slowly shift towards the alleged war criminal as the uncertainty of his guilt builds.

Is the man whom she claims, “did horrible things to women, worse than you can imagine!” guilty or have the memories of the brutal attacks in the German war camps made her delusional?

Audiences will be drawn straight into this gripping tale of ‘justified’ retribution. Astute direction, stand out performances further fuelled by an atmospheric musical score compound to the suspense which leads to a shocking and unpredictable conclusion. (MMo)

★★★ ½

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