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PIVOT: A New Craft/ Dining Experience

Work by Mark O'Ryan

PIVOT is the name given to a coming exhibition which promotes local craft communities coming together to support and promote each other.

The exhibition takes place over a number of venues and localities so that it will be accessible to all and sundry

“Craft people are everywhere. They live on your street or just around the corner as craft is something we all have tried at one time or another,” expains organiser, Stephanie Ferguson.

PIVOT brings together local brewers, distillers, woodworkers, ceramacists and textile designers showcasing their pure Australian made productivity in various dining venues in the inner west.

How is brewing a craft you might ask? Well apparently it’s all in how the beer is brewed. These brewers use local ingredients and hops from the Riverina area. While visitors will drink their beer out of traditional glasses, those enjoying a coffee, will be drinking from clay ceramic mugs with artist designs printed on them. The artist mediums used in these designs include botanicals including seaweed and gum leaves. There will be information on how craft can be used in everyday life with artist labels and displays on wall panels. The whole idea is that craft becomes part of the whole dining experience in a relaxed, laid back environment whilst experiencing the best that Australia has to offer. All part of going local.

Oct 9-18. Various Venues & prices. Info:

By Renee Lou Dallow