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Papaya Tree

Australian band Papaya Tree has released their new single Flowergirl, streaming now on most platforms.

Papaya Tree is a band influenced by eclectic jazz and indie sounds and consists of six members; Lee McDermott, Jack Johnston, Zac Olsen, Alistair Hayes, Jordan Tulinsky, and Joe Plunkett.

Lee, lead singer of Papaya Tree said, “Flowergirl is a true story written about Joe (bass player) and his time working in a Newtown Bar and the crush that never came to be. One day during a never-ending shift, a girl came to change the bistro flowers. Before Joe could ask her name, she’d left, only knowing her as ‘Flowergirl’. Whilst being a love song, it is also an escapist anthem about the mundane aspects of life, menial jobs and hope for a future.

Flowergirl provides a distraction from all these and a reminder to live in the moment. Sonically, Flowergirl takes inspiration from 90s Britpop, channelling energy from Oasis and The Verve as well as mixing orchestral power with floating guitar tones evocative of The Smiths and Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever.”

In an interview with Lee, he revealed where the quirky band name originated from.

“I was studying corporation law and tried to say the words proprietary limited and kept saying papaya tree limited. We thought that sounded like an indie band name, so we went with that.”

Papaya Tree began with two members, Lee and Jack, who were washup boys at a butcher shop. “The only other musician we knew at the time was a trumpet player, so we started a rock band with two guitars and a trumpet.”

Lee revealed that the band’s musical inspirations are greatly varied, with “Joe being very ‘early and late 90s oasis brit pop feel’, very story based. Then you’ve got Zac and Jordie who are trained in jazz.

“Lyrically I base everything off stories, I try not to write about myself or feelings because its hard to talk about your feelings.”

When asked his future vision for Papaya Tree, Lee said that it was to stick together.

“It’s pretty turbulent times right now and we’re looking forward to seeing how the year ends, getting back on the road when we’re allowed to, and continue enjoying each others’ company. And we might write some music along the way.”

By Rida Babar

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