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On The Rocks

Bill Murray, Rashida Jones. Photo Courtesy of Apple

In the opening sequence, a father is heard telling his young daughter, “Don’t give your heart to anybody. You’re mine until you get married – and then you’re still mine…”

And so the story unfolds, about a married lady with two children who suspects that her husband may be cheating on her and hesitantly teams up with her womanising father to spy on him. He states, “He’s a man. It’s nature – males are forced to impregnate all women!”

Audiences may ponder whether the father honestly believed that his son-in-law was cheating, or was he just lonely who wanted to spend more time with his daughter? Ultimately, he learns some hard truths about himself.

Somewhat underwhelming this is not the funniest film of the year. The comedy lacks substance, offering few laughs and Bill Murray who plays the role of the father delivers his usual wooden performance.

There were ample missed opportunities for good old-fashioned laugh out moments and unfortunately comedy enthusiasts may be disappointed by the banality of this film.

An average time killer written and directed by Sophia Coppola, audiences will exit cinemas having expected more – much, much more. (MMo)

★★ ½

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