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Neighbourhood Watch

Photo: Bob Seary

After the forced closure owing to COVID-19 restrictions, The New Theatre reopens with Neighbourhood Watch, a tremendously funny and enjoyable play.

The story centers on the friendship between two neighbours, Ana an elderly Hungarian born woman, and Catherine, a twenty-something aspiring young actress.

Colleen Cook who plays the role of Ana explained that this play is about neighbourhoods, relationships, the need for friendship, and the concerns about loneliness.

“Ana never shuts up!” laughed Cook. “She came to Australia as a refugee and has many stories up her belt. She’d had a hard life but she’s a strong resilient woman who builds an unlikely friendship with her neighbour. Ana is a very funny woman and she doesn’t know it half the time. I like Ana but sometimes she doesn’t press the mute button when perhaps it mightn’t be such a bad idea!”

Ana inadvertently transforms Catherine’s life with stories of war, her refugee experience, and the hardships of moving to a new country. “Some of these are not pretty stories, but the way they’re told they’re just engaging and interesting to discover. I’ve always felt that if you’re going to have sadness or any kind of anxiety you have to laugh as well otherwise the whole thing is indulgent. This play has many laughs through it.”

The message Neighbourhood Watch sends out to audiences is to live life to the fullest. “Anna and Catherine have to find out what they want in life. Look at what you’ve got in your life and take it – don’t miss out!”

Cook enthused that this play which boasts a talented cast of eleven should appeal to all audiences. “I’m playing an old woman who everyone is going to have a lot of fun with. Then there are the young ones who are always on their mobiles and the dog. It will appeal to everyone!” (MMo)

Sep 8-Oct 3. New Theatre, 542 King St, Newtown. $30-$35+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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