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Katie Noonan

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Australian singer, songwriter, and pianist Katie Noonan is making her return to the stage – virtually.

Katie has curated a program of talented artists for a monthly live stream concert, commencing on September 25 in Zac Hurren’s Rainbow Room.

The upcoming streams will draw on Katie’s previous show formats, including Songs That Made Me, Songs Of The Latin SkiesThe Sweetest Taboo.

When asked about the most difficult aspect of creating the concert series, Katie said, “The biggest challenge has been my husband [Zac Hurren] moving from being a musician composer to an acoustic sound technician, building our studio, and learning how to engineer.

“For myself, programming is what I love. It’s what I’ve done as a festival director, curator and producer for 20 years. Dreaming up ideas and collaborating with different musicians.

“I put together a year-long program of events for the last Friday of every month with a bunch of beautiful musicians who I’d love to introduce my audience to.”

Katie revealed that her own inspiration for making music is “largely my family, my beautiful children and husband, my friends, this country.

“Anything and everything inspires my writing. I’m particularly inspired by Australian poetry, I love reading great Australian poets. I’m pretty much inspired by all creative people.”

She hopes to use the upcoming concerts as a way to give audiences the feel of a ‘concert’ during the age of COVID-19.

“I think we’re all desperately missing concerts. I know I am, as an artist and as an audience member. I think we’re just craving that connection, and even though it is just coming from my house into your house via the internet it really is the new normal and a legitimate way for us to connect.

“I’ve only done one other live stream concert and it was amazing. Even though I was playing to an empty theatre, I knew people were watching and I had so many messages from people around the world. The audience really is limitless. I hope that my audience that’s been following me for 20 years will join me on this new journey.”

Sep 25. Online streaming. $18. Tickets & Info:

By Rida Babar

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