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Hope D

For many of us our first relationship is often one of convenience rather than the perfect connection. For Brisbane’s Hope D her first relationship was no different, but unlike many of us her experience also inspired her latest breakout single, Common Denominator.

Speaking to City Hub Hope reflected on the single and the experiences which inspired it.

“[Common Denominator] is about my first relationship as a queer woman. We met through a mutual friend who knew that we were both gay, but we only had that one thing in common.

“We had one Common Denominator but there wasn’t much else to go on besides that. Which is something I feel that a lot of people can relate to, whether they’re queer or not. I feel like a lot of first relationships are mostly based on time and place rather than the right person.”

Throughout the single Hope’s unique style injects the track with a humour and levity which further enhances the song’s incredibly relatable message. For this reason the track has become somewhat of an anthem for the LGBTQI community.

“I’ve had a bunch of replies from people thanking me for making something so related to them,” Hope said. “It’s really nice to have that sort of feedback. Especially coming off my first single Swim, which was very queer focused, this further solidifies my place in that community. I love helping people with my music and helping them be more comfortable with themselves knowing that I’ve gone through similar things.”

Off the back of the success of Common Denominator and with the COVID-19 situation slowly improving Hope had made plans to return to the stage in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in October. However, with the current situation surrounding State borders it would appear that the Sydney and Melbourne shows are unlikely to happen.

Despite this Hope reassured fans that she will get to them as soon as it is safe to do so, “There have been so many amazing people supporting from those places so I can’t wait to get there and play for them… When I’d does happen it’s going to be incredible.”

In the mean time Hope is focused on her Brisbane shows, which she has needed to get creative with. During the early stages of COVID lockdown Hope was doing live streamed performances but in more recent weeks she took her band out on a moving vehicle to perform to people in their suburbs. Coming up she will finally return to a live club setting with an intimate stripped back performance.

“These shows are going to be smack bag in between a live stream and regular live show,” explained Hope. “It’s going to be people sitting down to watch the performance like they would a live stream but at the end of each song I’ll be able to hear their applause.”

Stay up to date with Hope D and any future live shows by following her on Instagram at @HopeDMusic