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Four Kids And It

This is an entertaining small budget fantasy film for children who are tired of watching animated films that after a while all seem alike.

Based on the book by the same name the story is a modern re-imaging of E. Nesbit’s 1902 classic novel Five Children And It, which delves on a group of kids who, while on vacation with their parents in Cornwall, stumble upon a grumpy magical creature living on a secluded beach that grants wishes.

Veteran actor Michael Caine provides the voice of the delightful creature and young viewers should warm to the four likeable children who ultimately learn the importance of family values. The story wouldn’t be complete without the stereotyped villain who tries to utilise the creature’s magical powers for his own wicked deeds.

Filmed in the picturesque coastal areas of England, this film ultimately feels like a BBC program made for children’s television, but if it succeeds in mesmerising young audiences the film has served its purpose. (MMo)


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