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When three young children witnessed the apparition of the Virgin Mary in Fatima, Portugal in 1917 it caused incredible disharmony within the community. Was it the children’s bright imagination, lies, or the truth?

The mother of the eldest child Lucia scathingly questioned, “Mother of God chose you of all people… what’s so special about you!?” She claimed her daughter was a liar and that her rambling nonsense was harmful to the village.

For political reasons the mayor wanted the stories to stop. The hypocrisy of the church was also evident when the priest proclaimed it was the work of the devil.

Through flashbacks, audiences learn of the miracle these children witnessed. God chose them as the messengers to convey that only prayer and suffering would bring an end to WWI.

Pilgrims attended six of the gatherings and ultimately 70,000 witnessed the ‘miracle of the holy sun’.

The convincing performances delivered by the three child actors in pivotal roles were the primary reasons for this film’s success. It’s an enchanting and masterly produced film which delivers the message that people should have faith in their religious beliefs. (MMo)

★★★ ½

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