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Father’s Day With Bondi Rescue’s Maxi

Robert & Trent Maxwell

Trent Maxwell, better known as Maxi, is a firefighter and lifeguard well known for his time on Bondi Rescue and being the youngest lifeguard to patrol Bondi Beach.

In an interview with City Hub, Maxi revealed his plans for this Father’s Day and how his dad inspired his life changing career.

“He [Dad] got me into swimming at a young age, I used to sail as a kid and do a lot of water sports, he then got me involved in lifesaving down in Maroubra and helped in keeping my fitness up. He took me to swim training every morning at 5am all through my teenage years and that definitely contributed to me becoming a professional lifeguard at Bondi.

“It’s given me the opportunity to do a lot of good in the community, I’ve created my own company Live Learn Survive. We teach water and fire safety all over the world.

Bondi Rescue was a big part of getting my name out there.” When asked about his plans for this Father’s Day, Maxi said, “Part of the present was taking him to Lane Cove and had a Glen Grant tasting, but this Sunday I’m having a family barbecue.”

Maxi and his father’s initial plans to visit the Glen Grant Distillery in Scotland for Father’s Day were cut short due to travel restrictions, so the pair instead visited Lane Cove National Park and shared a glass of Glen Grant’s latest release, Arboralis, instead.

By Rida Babar

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