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Ex-Periment – A Festival Of Sound

Trevor Brown

This Saturday Sydney Underground Steaming Sessions (SUSS) is presenting Ex-Periment – A Festival of Sound.

SUSS is Sydney’s newest live streaming platform dedicated to presenting Sydney music to Sydney and beyond during COVID. Since it’s launch in July SUSS has played host to a wealth of Sydney talent including Dog Trumpet, White Knuckle Fever, the Loud Hailers featuring Christa Hughes, Svntax Error, Liz Martin and many others, all kicking out stellar performances in the SUSS Studio.

This Saturday SUSS will be presenting Ex-Periment, a night of improvisation, experimentation and musical elevations. A journey into the rich tapestry of sound as woven by some of Sydney’s most innovative musical talents.

The night will feature Trevor Brown, Ben Fink, Louis Burdett, Matthew Syres, Elsen Price, Keyna Wilkins, Danny Heifetz and Tom Schutzinger.

Kicking off at 7pm, Ex-Periment will feature both solo and collaborative performances from all involved with Louis Burdett also gracing the SUSS Studio with one of his mind blowing solo drum performances.

Sep 19. Online streaming. $10. Tickets & Info: