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Diver City

Diver City - Kristy Lee Peters & Matt Okine

Diver City, a play of words on ‘diversity’ is a collaborative new kids project from musician Kristy Lee Peters (KLP) and comedian, actor, and writer Matt Okine.

Their debut album, Welcome To Diver City was released in late August through ABC music, with a focus on promoting inclusivity, diversity, and multiculturalism to young children through catchy music.

The album is designed to help parents and children through the day, with songs about waking up, getting dressed, showering, and going to bed. The use of animals and landscapes around them are engaging for little kids and help them get in touch with their emotions and promoting good habits like sharing and kindness.

In an interview with City Hub, KLP revealed the inspiration behind Diver City, the experience of creating through a pandemic, and how they hope to impact children with the project.

Matt and I had kids 5 days apart and so started the wild journey of parenthood at the same time together. We went away on a joint family holiday and both had mentioned we wanted to one day make music that our kids could enjoy. A cocktail by the pool later and we had workshopped song ideas and it all slowly developed from there. 

“I think it’s one really nice thing to have come out of the pandemic – especially for me personally as I had my main source of income (touring) totally taken away from me. I found myself with a lot of spare time and creative energy on my hands and so being able to channel it into this was a huge outlet

“We really hope these songs will bridge a gap between fun and educational songs that kids can sing and dance to, but that their parents also don’t mind listening to on repeat all day!

Welcome To Diver City is available now via ABC Music at

By Rida Babar

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