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Bill And Ted Face The Music

Nearly 30 years since their last adventure on the big screen, time travellers Bill and Ted return in this third installment to save the universe.

They must write the best song ever in 75 minutes to save humanity. Their daughters join in ‘on the fun’ and also travel in time trying to assemble the best band with iconic musicians including Jimmy Hendrix and Louis Armstrong. In the process, they all end up in hell!

Pay packets must’ve been enormous to lure Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter to reprise their roles in this film which is in a genre of its own. The film is overloaded with bad jokes, zero intellect, and the excruciating overuse of the word ‘dude’.

Watching an ageing Reeves constantly yelling, “How’s it going dude!” and “Party on dudes!” was cringeworthy. The only intelligent dialogue delivered, “Dude I have a bad feeling about this!” should aptly sum up the reaction of discerning moviegoers to this sick (yes in the true meaning) celluloid tripe.

Will this film resonate with a new generation of moviegoers or is it strictly for the fan base? More importantly is there still a fanbase?

Sorry dudes but this flick stinks! (MMo)

★ ½


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