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Amy Montgomery

Amy Montgomery, an upcoming Irish artist has spent the past few months of the pandemic putting the final touches on her latest EP, with the first track, Intangible streaming now.

Having been compared to the likes of Alanis Morrisette and Janis Joplin with a modern twist, Amy’s newest 90s influenced alternative-rock music sends a powerful message on mental health.

Speaking on the creation of Intangible, Amy said, Intangible was written on a boat as I contemplated the cyclical rhythm of nature, and how even death is just another necessary part of the circle that we call life. Intangible is about making peace with the loss or absence of a loved one. It is finding joy in experiencing their presence through a beautiful sunset or a flowing river. It is about the process. It is a celebration of life.”

Explaining her inspirations for making music, Amy said, “I realised how powerful it is, to be able to transform sadness or anger into something healing.”

“My mum struggled with depression for years and I lost her to suicide,” she revealed in reference to Intangible’s starting reference to butterflies. “She was mesmerised by their growth and beauty, and while she couldn’t do that herself, I find it amazing that she could still admire that trait in others.”

The songstress’ trip back to Australia, following her successful tour last year, was forced on a halt due to the COVID-19 lockdowns, but she expressed her eagerness to return as soon as conditions improve.

My short journey in music so far has already taken this Irish girl to the beautiful East Coast of Australia, including the Hunter Valley in NSW for a performance at the magical Dashville Skyline Festival. To pave my way back to Australia, it seems fitting that Intangible would be a great track to take me back once again, even if in spirit!”

Amy will continue to release new music into 2021, working to build her base in the UK, Europe, and Australia in anticipation for her return to the stage post-COVID.

By Rida Babar 

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