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We’ll End Up Together

A group of friends reunite to celebrate their pal’s 60th birthday and in the process, old wounds are reopened. They argue, drink and party – and let’s not forget the near-tragic seaside tragedy. Sound familiar? It’s the basic synopsis of this and many other films, most notably the recent Australian film Palm Beach.

The entire cast from French hit comedy Little White Lies has been reassembled hoping to score another box office sensation. Francois Cluzet (The Intouchables) leads the cast as Max the soon to be divorcee, broke and who has the suffocating need to be alone.

Their lives have gone separate ways, but can this ‘fabulous reunion’ be the therapy Max needs to restore a level of validity in his life?

Light-hearted with dramatic elements and a few laughs intermingled, this film has an excessive running time of 134 mins and lacks substance, but lovers of French cinema who enjoyed the original film shouldn’t be disappointed.

Underneath all the shouting aptly delivered with the infectious arrogance of the French accent, lies a universal message about friendship – real friends aren’t always there, just when it matters. (MMo)


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