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If some of our local politicians started boasting of an exceptionally high IQ or the way they breezed through a cognitive test, you might immediately question their motives. When Donald Trump does the same it hardly surprises, as such claims fit perfectly into his persona of bluster and self-aggrandisement. But just how smart is the Donald given the kind of skeletons that have been emerging from his murky past in recent months?

It’s not difficult to spot Trump’s strategy when it comes to denigrating his 77 year old presidential opponent ‘Sleepy’ Joe Biden. Even though Trump himself was the oldest ever candidate to be elected president at 70, he’s out to milk the age game for everything its worth. This means casting all kinds of doubts on Biden’s mental capacity whilst presenting an image of himself at an intellectual peak.

When he first campaigned for office in 2016 he gleefully endorsed a rumour that he had an IQ of around 156, the second highest of all US presidents. This was countered with the disclosure of a document from his early days at the New York Military Academy which put his IQ at a lowly 79. More recently he underwent a well known cognitive test, claiming immediate success and suggesting that Joe Biden should do the same. The test was originally designed to help physicians detect the early signs of Alzheimer’s and had nothing to do with IQ assessment.

Whilst I can’t confirm its authenticity here’s another more politically relevant cognitive test which Trump recently completed. You might like to try it yourself, with Trump’s answers included with each question to either aid or totally confuse you. Any score better than five out of ten will confirm that you are smarter than Trump, although you no doubt knew that to begin with!

PLAY TRUMP THE TRUMP (answer below)

1.  Hydroxychloroquine is a drug derived from: (a) The Quinoline Molecule (b) GottiBerries  (c) Household Bleach. Trump said – (c)

2. Which of the following can be arranged into a five letter word? (a) SSUPY (b) HRGST (c) WQRGS. Trump said (a)

3. Finland is: (a) Part of Scandinavia (b) Part of Russia (c) A Nordic Country. Trump said (b) 

4. Kim Jong-un would most likely appreciate: (a) A peace treaty with South Korea (b) A copy of Elton John’s Rocket Man (c) More nuclear warheads. Trump said (b)

5. How many times is a broken clock correct during a 24 hour period? (a) Once (b) Twice (c) Never. Trump said (c)

6. A covfefe is: (a) A flightless African bird (b) A rare Mexican cactus (c) Whoops, did I tweet that? Trump said (c)

7. Global Warming was created by: (a) The Chinese (b) Human activity (c) Al Gore. Trump said (a)

8. President Obama was born in: (a) Alaska (b) Kenya (c) Hawaii. Trump said (b)

9. If Joe Biden is elected President there will be no more: (a) Life (b) Religion (c) Hair Sniffing. Trump said (a) and (b)

10. If a tree falls in the forest and no living thing is there to hear it fall, does it make a noise? (a) Yes (b) Yes & No (c) Sounds like fake news. Trump said (c)

Answers – 1. (a) / 2. (a) / 3. (c) / 4. (c) / 5. (b) / 6. (c) / 7. (b) / 8. (c). / 9 (c). / 10. (b)


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