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The Dead Love Get Tattooed During Concert

Last Wednesday Sydney punk band The Dead Love performed perhaps the most innovative COVIDSafe concert ever. 

The concert was held within the intimate confines of tattoo parlour The Tattoo Movement for a small number of fans and media. To add yet another wrinkle to this interesting concert the band performed whilst being tattooed by the talented artists from The Tattoo Movement (see video on our Facebook page).

This concert is just the first in a series of intimate COVIDSafe gigs being curated by spiced rum brand Sailor Jerry. The Sailor Jerry Sessions have been formulated to support a music scene which has been rocked by COVID-19 restriction in prior months,

Speaking ahead of their concert The Dead Love said, “The last couple of months in lockdown have been tough, not just for bands, but for the entire industry. It sucks we can’t play and hit up live shows in our local venues. When Sailor Jerry gave us the call and told us they wanted to support the industry, we were super keen to get involved! Then when they asked us if we’d be up for the challenge of getting tattooed while we perform, we thought ‘why the hell not?!’ We appreciate all the support and can’t wait to have a banger night with crew that are into our music.”

Another Sailor Jerry Session is scheduled for Aug 19 at Newtown cocktail bar Earl’s Juke Joint and will feature The Polish Club.

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