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REVIEW: Short Message Service – The Angel Code

Margaret Davies. Photo: Nick Mckinlay

“It’s a small moment of theatre in the palm of your hands.”

The Short Message Service is a new and fascinating performance by the Q Theatre, comprising a short story delivered over an hour via a series of text messages.

The free and immersive experience includes six narratives under the theme of intimacy. I booked The Angel Code by Margaret Davis which centred the story of a first date gone wrong.

The experience encourages one to be caught off guard, and while you cannot reply to the messages, they come every few minutes with the intention to leave you thinking about what could happen next and where the story is going.

The story is delivered through classic text language which makes it easy to follow along.

Personally, I did not find the experience to be engaging. While it was a theoretically fresh way to virtualise plays during this time, it did not have much momentum and failed to deliver an exciting experience that I would sign up for again

However, the short story itself was well developed and enjoyable to read through the 14 messages that it was sent in.

Until Sep 4. FREE. Register at

Reviewed by Rida Babar

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