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Northlane – Live At The Roundhouse

In October last year Sydney’s Northlane took the stage of The Roundhouse to kickoff the world tour of their latest record, Alien. Fans who missed out on the experience, or those that simply wish to relive it, will have the opportunity to do so this weekend (Aug 21-22) when the concert is presented as a pay-per-view live stream event on Netgigs.

As mentioned this show was just the start of their world tour, but it was also the biggest show on the schedule given that it was their hometown performance and a celebration of a decade of Northlane. Performed in front of a sold out crowd, filmed by 14 cameras and with audio mixed by album engineer Chris Blancato this concert is something to behold.

The visual production of the concert, in particular the lighting effects combined with the motion graphics introducing each song, take the experience to a new level.

From the outset of the show the crowd is at a fever pitch and they don’t let up until the very end. Watching this gave me huge FOMO vibes for having missed experience in this show live and in person but I am now thankful to have had this opportunity to experience the concert in a unique way, particularly during this very strange year without gigs.

With Northlane joining viewers to chat about the shows during the pay-per-view streams it’s a certainty that this will be an unforgettable concert experience, even without the sweatiness or tired, aching body you’d normally have after a Northlane show.

Watch Northlane – Live At The Round on Aug 21-22 for US$9.99 at

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