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Made In Italy

This film should help fill the void for those people who dream of travelling overseas during these unchartered times, as international lockdown continues owing to the infectious COVID-19 pandemic.

Filmed in the picturesque Tuscan hills in Italy, this is the heart-warming story of a father and son who travel to Italy to renovate their derelict old family home so that a sale may be forthcoming.

Real-life father and son Liam Neeson and Michael Richardson play the pivotal roles of Robert, a man who lost his mojo as an artist once his wife died in a car crash and Jack, the son who felt emotionally disconnected from his father after the tragic accident.

Painful memories are re-ignited, but can this renovation project be the perfect catalyst to restore a loving relationship?

Neeson who predominantly starred in action flicks over the years has wisely chosen this emotionally charged family drama as a vehicle to display his versatility as an actor.

Made In Italy is an uplifting film about family, grief, and guilt. Humorous at times with a romantic subplot interweaved, audiences may succumb to tears in the final act as a tragic revelation surfaces. (MMo)

★★★ ½


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