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Lindsey Ell – heart theory

Is there a genre of music that is better at capturing heartbreak than country music? If country singer-songwriter Lindsey Ell’s latest album, heart theory, is anything to go by you would be hard pressed to argue that there is.

Throughout the 12 track offering Ell explores the seven stages of grief; shock, denial, guilt, bargaining, depression, reconciliation and acceptance. By weaving her own experiences and stories into the work Ell has created a collection of music which burrows deep into the soul of the listener.

The beautiful vocal work combined with the silky and spellbinding country melodies make this album impossible to step away from once you hit play. The clarity and polish of this record would have you believe this record was completed long before social distancing and quarantine, but that is not the case.

heart theory is a special album, which had this non-country fan nodding away for days on end once it hit my ears.

★★★★ ½

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