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Force Of Nature

Ageing Lethal Weapon star Mel Gibson appears in this crime thriller set in Puerto Rico and showcases that he hasn’t lost his mojo when it comes to playing an action hero.

As a category 5 hurricane is looming, a young police officer with the aid of an elderly but virile man (Mel Gibson) comes against a group of criminals in a coastal apartment block who will stop at nothing to steal artwork valued at $55 million.

Expectations were high after viewing the trailer but unfortunately, it was evident soon after the opening credits that this low budget film was ‘straight to DVD’ quality.

The nonsensical demise of Gibson’s character early in the film came as a complete surprise leaving a cast of predominantly unknowns to carry the film. Giving Gibson top billing for a smaller role (unbeknown to audiences) to garner interest was a great strategy but may backfire through word of mouth.

Setting the crime story in the midst of a hurricane was also a writer’s fruitless attempt at complementing a run-of-the-mill screenplay with a heightened thrill factor.

Several action sequences and a humorous script may intermittently hold the audience’s interest but ultimately Force Of Nature is a disappointment. (MMo)

★★ ½

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