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This French black comedy which is macabrely intertwined with graphic scenes of gory and riotous horror should keep audiences intrigued as to where all the absurdity is leading.

Jean Dujardin (The Artist) plays the role of Georges, a delusional man who becomes obsessed with a deerskin jacket he has purchased. The jacket he describes as ‘the jacket of his dreams with killer style’ progressively takes hold of him and he devises an outrageous plan to ensure that his jacket is the only one in the world!

Sinister behaviour leads to murderous madness and the analogy in the unpredictable but appropriate finale will leave astonished audiences pondering whether there was a subtle message in this campy cinematic oddity.

Open to interpretation the film may question the ideology that people hide behind shells from the outside world, or perhaps a statement is made concerning the importance, or more aptly stupidity, of society’s over-zealous materialistic demands.

Regardless, this horror satire is humorously engaging, and audiences may find they’ll be completely unaffected by the bizarre horror sequences which pop up when they least expect. (MMo)


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