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Culture At Work – Tarli Bird

Culture At Work is an artist-led Australian creative hub with a mission and vision to connect art and science through artists and scientists to inspire future generations of creative thinkers through collaborations. In September Culture At Work welcomes Tarli Bird as an artist in residence.

By collaborating with her uncle, Professor Trevor Bird, Tarli aims to use the residency to investigate the development of maps and surveying technology used to create maps, particular in reference to Pyrmont from the 1800s until today.

During the course of her residency Tarli will be looking to create a series of mixed media prints that will be exhibited at Culture at Work on completion of her residency. Trevor, who is from Sydney, will source relevant technical history to be used in the prints.

6-8 Scott St, Pyrmont. Bookings by Ph: 9518 8813 or Email:

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