Best of Sydney 2020

Best Bubble Tea – Bubble Nini

Bubble Nini

If you love flowers then this flower cafe is for you. Every wall in this Bubble Nini is perfect for Instagram, with flowers and neon-pink lighting decorating its bright turquoise walls. Their menu is sure to bring you fresh and healthier bubble tea through having everything made in-house. Amongst some of the prettiest drinks, Honey I’m Home is a crowd favourite, made with butterfly pea flower tea and flavoured with lime. With over 50 teas and six different house-made pearls to choose from: sakura, matcha, taro, brown sugar, mango, peanut or strawberry, you could customise your perfect drink. This hidden gem can be easily found secluded in the quiet corner of Central Park for some ‘treat yourself’ bubble tea moments.

8 Central Park Avenue, Chippendale. 0478 052 603.

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