Best of Sydney 2020

Best Bottomless Chicken – Goobne Chicken

Goobne Chicken

Good news for chicken lovers, Goobne has announced a new all-you-can-eat deal on oven-roasted chicken and beer until the end of September. With five signature sauces to choose from including original, sweet galbi, fruity soy, cheese and volcano, there is something for everyone at the table to enjoy. Check out their signature dish: oven-roasted UFO fondue chicken or, put plainly, drumsticks dipped in melted cheese. Goobne also offers a list of wacky cocktails, and as bizarre as it may sound the vibrant blue tequila spiked Sharknado is one of their most popular drinks. Be sure to visit Goobne for a bottomless chicken experience the next time you’re craving Korean fried chicken and beer!

16E Tumbalong Boulevard, Haymarket. 8417 6201.

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