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A specially curated selection of high quality and insightful documentaries will be screening at the Antenna Selects, a new year-round program for 2020/2021. The first six documentaries have been announced:

The Painter And The Thief is an intriguing documentary with a twist. When an artist’s two renowned paintings are stolen from the Oslo gallery, she meets the thief and a surprising friendship develops. (September 3-5)

Welcome To Chechnya. A group of activists in the Russian republic of Russia risks their lives by fighting the anti-LGBTQI torture campaign which has gripped the nation. This story is vastly unheard of around the world and is a confronting documentary not to be missed. (September 19-20)

Gunda is an Australian premiere executive produced by Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix. An ‘ensemble cast’ boasting a mother sow (Gunda), two cows and a one-legged chicken takes audiences on a unique journey exploring the values of life. (October 1)

Brazen Hussies should allure movie-goers who have an interest in the Woman’s Liberation Movement. Through archival footage, photographs, memorabilia, and interviews the subject of the feminist revolution in Australia is meticulously investigated. (October 15)

Dope Is Death delves into the alternative medicinal practitioners known as the Black Panther Party, who were dissatisfied with the lack of professional assistance, so evolved the use of acupuncture as a treatment for drug addiction in the 1970s. (November 5)

Collective received many accolades when screened at the Venice, TIFF, and Sundance. This documentary follows the Romanian investigation into a disastrous nightclub fire and the ensuing healthcare scandal. (December 3)  (MMo)

Palace Chauvel Cinema, Paddington. $18.50-$21+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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