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Antenna Documentary Film Festival

An announcement has been made that the anticipated 2020 Antenna Documentary Film Festival unfortunately won’t be returning this year owing to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19.

However, documentary enthusiasts should be delighted that Antenna Selects will be launched in its place, a specially curated year-round program of some of the highest quality and most insightful award-winning documentaries from around the world.

“I passionately believe that a festival is bigger than the sum of its parts. Online festivals have a place, but the festival experience of sitting in the dark and sharing stories together and discussing them afterwards cannot be replicated outside of a cinema,” explained Festival Director David Rokach.

The 10th anniversary celebrations were planned for this year but owing to the festival’s cancellation stylish celebrations will be withheld until next year.

Tickets to the first six documentaries scheduled to screen between September and December at the Chauvel Cinema in Paddington are already on sale. There will be one or two documentaries screened each month with filmmaker Q&A’s and discussions after selected screenings.

A preview of these documentaries will be compiled for our readers in coming weeks. (MMo)

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